Overseas Customers - Ireland, Europe, USA and Beyond. Please contact us BEFORE placing your order.

All of our products can be delivered worldwide however, there are certain aspects that need to be considered.

Everything will need extra packaging for protection on route.

Glass/mirrored items are usually not insurable. We pack and clearly label everything as fragile but glass items are transported at your own risk. Please ask for further information.

We do not profit from delivery costs and customers are equally welcome to use their own shipper if they so wish. This shipper can collect from our warehouse at no cost or we can deliver to their UK address under our standard delivery charge.

Ireland and Europe

Most deliveries are by road and take 5-12 working days. Depending upon the item and destination it may need to be crated (also known as export packed). Crating is not normally required for France, Spain, Germany and Belgium. The most cost effective service offers delivery to kerb side/front door only and the driver will then require assistance with off loading large or heavy items. Home Removal companies will often deliver to a ground floor room of choice using a two man delivery but this is a more expensive service that can be offered if required.

Outside Europe

Deliveries are usually by surface and the time taken depends upon the destination.
As these deliveries are by container ship they always need to be crated in order to meet insurance rules. Unfortunately this crating does add an extra cost as the wooden crate is built especially to the size of your shipment and has to be done by a 3rd party crating company. All crates and the wood used meets international regulations and the price depends upon the size of the crate/s.

There are minimum charges set by the container companies based upon volume in m3. This is usually 2m3 or 3m3 so it makes economic sense to fill this space as it is being paid for! Generally better rates apply to larger orders - a 6m3 order will not cost twice as much to ship as 3m3.

The best prices are when we ship to your nearest port and then you arrange onward transit from the port to your house. This allows you to use any company you wish to complete the final journey. If you have your own van then you can even collect it yourself! As we don't know the best value delivery agents in your country we are unlikely to find the best value delivery from your port to your door so it is more economical for you to arrange this part.   

Our export agent will contact you at least 10 days before the container docks. At this stage you can use them or nominate your own importer to handle the legal aspect of completing the import documents and ensuring you pay any taxes/import duties for your country. Once these have been completed and any taxes/duties have been paid the Customs Office in your country will allow you or your delivery company to collect the crate from the port warehouse to be delivered to you. We can provide you with as much help and advice as you wish for this so don't be afraid to ask us!


USA and Canada 

Please note that delivery here is unfortunately not cheap. The minimum container charge starts from £400 depending upon your location and the volume of your order. Onto this must be added the cost of the crate. We are happy to supply quotes and/or provide you with all the relevant details in order for you to obtain your own quotes. The US/Canada Customs Agents will require your Social Security Number, Passport Details and a Power of Attorney to allow the import. The nominated import agent will explain and arrange this.   

Taxes and Duties

Every country has its own taxes and duties to pay for importing goods. We have no knowledge of, and no responsibility for, the laws in your country of residence. Therefore you are responsible for the payment of any import duties and taxes of any kind that may be levied in your country.